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Attitude at Altitude


Attitude at Altitude takes flight in....


Can you imagine spending an evening, when what you hear lights a spark that changes your life?

What would it be like to walk out of the auditorium, bursting with excitement... about your life ahead?

Attitude at Altitude Is That Evening!

Young people are welcome to join the adults - this will be an inspirational evening for ALL ages.

We bring you a sparkling line up of women who not only followed their dream, tackled what seemed like insurmountable obstacles, but are also passionate about showing you how to use the same skills.

Meet the speakers and sit back and listen to their real-life stories, in just under 3 hours, that could be the catalyst for you to do those amazing things that you were always meant to.

Your Inspiring Keynote Speakers include...

Mandy Hickson 

the only female pilot on her Front Line Tornado Squadron, flying multimillion pound fast jets for the Royal Air Force. She was awarded a RAF flying scholarship at 17, long before she even passed her driving test, she went on to win aerobatic competitions whilst still a student. 

Mandy is going to teach you the insights from her experiences from her high-pressure career will help you show the World the best version of you:

* remaining calm under pressure * being a leader * getting the best from yourself and other people * how to reach for the highest heights in YOUR life

Shadi Ganjavian-Connor

Shadi is a mum of 2 and is her core mission is "inspiring people to do things they thought they couldn't!"

Passionate about collaboration and enabling people to get real tangible results, her background is in Marketing Communications - now devoting her skills and energies to fund-raising for causes close to her heart..

Her fundraising track record is seriously impressive, already raising much needed money for;

  • The Little Priness Trust
  • The Teenage Cancer Trust 
  • Building a Community Centre in Egypt  

...and now is an ambassador for the Murray Parish Trust, for whom she has already climbed the Matterhorn earlier this year (see below)  

(Shadi is no stranger to charity mountaineering, with the Five Peaks and Mont Blanc under her climing belt - not bad for someone who still isn't keen on heights!)  

Shadi is an interpreter for the Refugees arriving on the South Coast and also she tours Schools and Community groups sharing the message that everyone can 'climb their mountain' and conquer their fears.

We can't wait for you to be inspired too.

Tanya Grant and Claire Wakeford from Wise & Gorgeous

Your Hosts: Tanya Grant & Claire Wakeford

Tanya & Claire help people feel better; Mind, Mood Body & Food in their company, Wise & Gorgeous.

They run live events, training courses and 1-2-1 coaching and therapy, to help you 'get unstuck' and achieve your goals.  

They are delighted to be your compères for this extraordinary event that will certainly help people feel empowered and inspired to fulfil their dreams.

Tanya and Claire will be sharing with you some fun, implementable advice on areas as diverse as Body Language, Confidence, Mindfulness and bringing your 'A-Game', in between introducing you to your exciting speakers.  

The Murray Parrish Trust logo

All proceeds go to The Murray Parrish Trust

Raising £4 million for a brand new Paediatric Emergency & Trauma Department (A&E) in Southampton to cover the entire South of England and The Channel Islands. The government have pledged £2 million so it is our mission to raise the additional £2 million and make this new, life-saving department a reality. 

Find out more about this amazing charity HERE


£15 adults

£7.50 ages 13+

Golden Ticket

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